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Director & Choreographer

“…choreographer Josh Walden does especially fine work...creating the contradictory urban buzz of chaos and indifference.”

     Steven Winn

       San Francisco Chronicle

“Choreographer Josh Walden works with the characters’ personalities. The seagulls’ line dance, the sailors’ work dance, and the big ensemble dances in “Under the Sea” and

“Kiss the Girl” keep us watching eagerly.”

Judith Newmark 

St Louis Post-Dispatch

“Josh Walden contributes aptly decorous choreography for the ballet dancers.”

     Peter Marks

       The Washington Post

“…a very well-danced and unusually well-acted production…To make the book work…it must be acted with absolute conviction and individuality, and every member of Josh Walden’s cast has what it takes.”

Terry Teachout

The Wall Street Journal

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